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October 20, 2020
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You can rename, move, copy and delete prefixes without affecting others, and each prefix has its own wineserver instance. Alternatively, you can specify the wine prefix in each command, e.g.

Disable these programs before using any applications with Wine . Also, disabling the Composite extension in /etc/X11/xorg.conf will most certainly prevent compositing from affecting Wine. However, you can copy Wine prefixes; you can install everything to one prefix, then make a copy of it in each user’s home directory. Also the "null" driver will only work for pure console applications that never use any windowing functions . Most of Wine’s development effort is geared towards programs written for the Windows GUI, but some limited support for character mode is available with the "null" driver. Wine automatically activates "null" whenever x11driver isn’t loaded, but even then, Wine depends on the xorg libraries.

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Consult your distro for information on obtaining old versions of distro Wine packages. Old WineHQ binary packages are kept in their respective directories in the the WineHQ download server. If your package manager complains about unmet dependencies when trying to install Wine, work your way backwards. Try installing whatever package your package manager complains has unmet dependencies, see what your it complains about, then try to install that. Keep working your way backwards until you solve whatever is blocking everything else. The current stable, development, and staging releases are listed on the WineHQ home page. See Wine User’s Guide#Wine from WineHQ for a description of the three branches and the version numbering system.

  • And if all else fails, Riot should be issuing a hotfix soon.
  • If this fix doesn’t work, players can try reinstalling the game from the VALORANT website.
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Until recently with projects such as Wayland, serious alternatives to x11drv weren’t even on the horizon so development has focused on X. However, Wine’s interface with the graphics driver is designed to be abstract so supporting future graphics systems will hopefully be straight-forward. For help with a specific application, search the Application Database, a place where users share their experiences by submitting test data, tips and tricks, and asking questions. In addition to this wiki, check the Wine HQ Documentation and the users forum. If you’re an ISV looking at porting an application with Winelib you can also try wine-devel.

Go to the Graphics tab, and slide the "Screen Resolution" slider accordingly. Changes will not effect the winecfg window until you restart it. Using different wineprefixes will help you here, since they simulate two Windows computers, in essence.

See also the WINEPREFIX environment variable; if this is set, wine uses it to find the wineprefix. As far as Windows programs are concerned, you are running with administrator privileges. If an application complains about a lack of administrator privileges, file a bug; running Wine as root probably won’t help. Doing so gives Windows programs full access to your computer and every piece of media attached to it. Running with sudo also has these same risks but with the added bonus of breaking the permissions on your ~/.wine folder in the process.

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Simply install and run your applications as you would in Windows. You can work around this by using the command line instead of your file manager (see Wine User’s Guide#How to run Windows programs from the command line). If double-clicking doesn’t work, you might need to right-click the file and choose "Run with Wine". If that also doesn’t work, contact whoever built your Wine packages and let them know there’s a problem. See Wine User’s Guide#How to install and run Windows programs. If you are still using Xandros , Linpus or any other customized distro, you will have to ask on your netbook’s support forum. Only other users of those distros can advise you on what, if any, binary packages will work on your system, where to find them, and how to install them.

If you have run Wine with sudo you need to fix the permission errors as described in the next question, and then run winecfg to set Wine up again. You should always run Wine as the normal user you use to login. Wine enables your computer to run Windows applications.

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